After Extraction Surgery

Bite on the gauze with steady pressure for ½ hour after you leave the office. Do not smoke or rinse your mouth today, and avoid food and drink that are very spicy or very hot. Avoid strenuous activity the day of the surgery. Do not drink through a straw, and if there are stitches, do not allow your tongue to ‘play’ with them. If advised to use a cold pack, apply to the surgical area 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Frozen peas in the package or in a small plastic sandwich bag work well as a cold pack.

There will be a small amount of blood in your saliva following the surgery, but if the area starts to bleed heavily, apply steady pressure using rolled up gauze, a rolled up piece of paper towel, or a wet teabag for 45 minutes. It is normal to have some pain or a small amount of swelling or stiffness for a few days following oral surgery; a mild painkiller such as you would normally take for a headache is usually adequate to relieve discomfort. If medication has been prescribed for you, it is important that you take it as prescribed.

You can start rinsing the surgical area with warm salt water tomorrow. You can start to lightly brush and floss the area in approximately 7-10 days, when it is comfortable to do so. Eat nutritious soft foods such as milk-based puddings, soft boiled eggs and yoghurt until you can resume your normal diet. Avoid hard foods or food with seeds or small particles that can get trapped in the surgical area.

Symptoms should continue to improve, and if they worsen after the first 48 hours, please call the office.

FOR IMMEDIATE DENTURE PATIENTS ONLY: You will leave your denture in overnight and we will remove it for you at your appointment the following day.

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