How to Care for Your Bruxing Guard

Your bruxing guard is a custom dental appliance designed to protect your teeth and jaw joint system from the wear and tear of nighttime tooth grinding. In many cases it will help you “unlearn” the habit of grinding. Depending on how active your grinding habit is, your bruxing guard will give you many years of service if properly cared for.

When you remove your appliance in the morning, rinse it under water, brush it with the same toothpaste and brush that you use for your teeth, rinse again and store it in its case. In order to prevent breakage, fill your sink with water before you brush your bruxing guard then brush it over the sink so that if it slips out of your hand it will fall in the water. If your appliance picks up stains or you want or give it an extra bit of cleaning, you may use a denture cleanser. For hard acrylic appliances only, use an effervescent denture cleanser such as Polident or Efferdent. Dissolve the cleanser in a cup of warm (not hot) water and soak your appliance for 15 minutes, then brush and rinse it before storing it in its case. For thermoplastic appliances (appliances which are softened in warm water before insertion), you may use a specialty denture cleanser available to purchase through my office.

Initially, while you get accustomed to wearing your bruxing guard, you may notice a sensation of either dryness or more saliva flow in your mouth and you may take your appliance out in your sleep. After about a week of regular wear, it should feel quite comfortable. Remember to bring your bruxing guard with you when you come for dental appointments so that we can check it.

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